Google apps and Chrome apps are quite similar since most of the services supported by Google apps which are featured in Chrome apps. But on some areas, they overlap and also consists different structural levels which provide functionality and redundancy too for the services. An app that could work on a browser is a web based program. It does not mean the browser assumes the role of the service of the applications but there is also a definite service area which works in the background to provide the requested functionality. Both are classified in the same way, but few differences will make the definition very clear. 




Basically, all the browsers function the same but to increase the functionality, they usually use extensions, apps and also plug ins to achieve them. In this way, Firefox is much similar to Chrome apps. On one hand, Google Chrome is a browser while Google app is not so, it is a kind of web hosting service that does make distinctions functionality through browsers. 


Front end-back end 


However, front end service works as a graphical interface whose functions are achieved. Not using front end services, there will be a jargon of encrypted code that is much hard to synthesize and leaves alone location which uses functionality. Back end services do what servers do. It is a complex calculation and storage matrix that make the information on a user interface coherent, representable. When Google apps overlap with the services found on the Chrome apps, it serves it as a back end while Chrome does not. It considers it as a front end. 


Accessibility and functionality limitations 


To understand the differences between the Chrome apps and Google apps, the functionality should be defined. Chrome apps can increase the function of chrome which is a kind of web browser. Browsers can achieve the functions which are expressed on Google apps by opting all the integrated services but no longer the browser is operational and the functions which can’t be accessed. Google apps are accessible from virtually all browsers and by the apps, a business suit could be reinstalled which is not limited to a browser availability and functionality. Google apps could be integrated with the business suit and can be customized for universal similarities but Google chrome is only limited to the special and specific browser on which it is installed. 


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