Asus Vs Cisco Router

Something about the Asus Routers: 


This is the very delightful router of this company and this double band wifi router with MIMO. This router Provide super fast speed and network speed. This is for both dual bands AC1300 wifi speed Plus quad core for network performance. This is made with both the Wifi speed on multiple devices simultaneously. The best multi-devices Performance and huge 128MB.The wife range is very fast and flows with the Constant speed. There is external wife antenna with extra 4 antennas and speed is very powerful compared to other antenna routers. And this is parental control. And the multi purpose USB 3.0 Port. If you want more information about this then you can contact us on the Cisco router support number

3 In One Router: 
Multiple 3 in one router is on the access point and range extender wireless modes. And there is two external 5dBi antenna they range of these antenna has is very fast speed in the wide coverage and other. If you want need more information about this then you can visit us on the Cisco router service.
ROG Rapture GT-AC5300: 
This router is made by the very high technique this is the purpose for the rog gaming and VR gaming this router is basically made for the like as high game just as the Rog and VR. With the help of this router, you play the triple level game acceleration because this connecting with the server.

Something about the Cisco router:   

Cisco 800 Series Router: 
This router is very expensive for the users this router is very small but mighty business class router and very delightful router. If do you have limited space in your room and another place just like as office and café so you must buy this router this router used for the video and voice and the security application performance this is totally single device and has not any antenna and other. This router is well suited for the customers. And prices are not the hair to other this totally small and midsize business used.
Cisco 880 ISR:
           This router has best LAN features up to 4 fast Ethernet LAN for the local computer. This is used for the small process business and PROVIDE THE ALWAYS the best service. The performance class is very best and connection option is best. This has three antennas for the good speed if you want to know more about this then you can join us on the Asus Router Customer support number           
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