Gmail app is a very nice and fast thing to use on your iPhone and iPad. It let the user do multiple tasks at a time like lets you attach photos your emails, suggest search terms and brings notifications. Here we will provide you the information about two different ways you can use your Gmail support account in iOS. Let’s talk about the ways:

1. How to add additional Gmail accounts to Gmail for iOS:

You need to do following steps to set up additional Gmail customer support accounts in the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad:
       In the Gmail app, go to the list of labels.
       Tap the Menu button.
       Select>Add account.
       Under Email, type the full email address for the Gmail.
       Under Password, Enter the account password.
       Then Tap to Sign in.
2. How to access multiple Gmail account to Gmail for iOS:

 When you are accessing the Gmail app in the iOS device then it lets you switch between multiple accounts, you don’t have to log out of one account to log in to another account with username and password. Gmail support for iOS lets you change your Gmail accounts easily.
Here we have some steps that you need to follow to access multiple Gmail accounts to Gmail support for iOS:
       Make sure that to set up the Gmail account that you want to access in your iOS.
       Also make sure that the list of labels is visible in the Gmail app.
       Tap the menu button in the top left corner.
       Tap the username of the currently selected account.
        Select the desired Gmail account from the given account you have added.
       But the only problem is that at a time, you can only see the messages of one account.
There are many features that Gmail support provides while using with a different Operating system like Windows, Mac, Unix etc that most of the users are not aware of.  To read more on Gmail on iOS, you can visit here Gmail Customer Care
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